Posted on: April 24, 2008 9:03 pm
Edited on: April 25, 2008 11:35 am

More Sobotka, octopi support

Al Sobotka, Joe Louis Arena building manger, received more support from writers, bloggers and fans who think the Sobotka ban is outrageously ridiculous.

The Detroit Free Press ran a photo essay of Al Sobotka.

Greg Wyshynski with Yahoo! sports wrote an article with two pro-octopi twirling videos on YouTube.com and another petition to sign for those who disagree with the ban.

Even Mitch Albom is back writing hockey articles again, at least for the playoffs. Imagine that. In yesterday's column he calls the new octopus rule "dumb."

Never mind that, for years, Al has gone onto the ice after an octopus is thrown during the national anthem or after a goal. And for years, he has had to pick the octopus up. And for years, he has walked off the ice, octopus in hand, and before disappearing, he has swung the thing over his head as fans cheered. Hey, it’s a greasy job.

He later compares the NHL to the No Fun League, the NFL. As I read some place else the NHL is now the No Humour League.

Today Red Wings TV posted videos of Sobotka swinging an octopus in front of the Fox Theater and Belle Tire.
I'm sure the Wings will show them during the game tonight.

To see the photo-rich blog entry click here.

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