Posted on: May 2, 2009 3:57 pm
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Brown's head shot to Hudler

In last night's game Anaheim Duck Mike Brown crushed Red Wing Jiri Hudler.

For his actions Brown was assessed a five-minute major and a game misconduct.
It's a fairly polarizing hit. The Ducks are claiming it was a clean hit. The Red Wings are saying it was dirty and vicious.
Frankly watching it at game speed I thought it looked clean too.  To me it was no worse than a Scott Stevens hit. If those were clean, then Brown's was clean.
I was wrong though. Look at the video from CBC .

Here's more proof.

Brown's forearm is level with Hudler's head.
Brown & Hudler 1

Brown & Hudler 2

The end of Brown's stick and his hand are in Hudler's face.
Brown & Hudler 3

And Brown's follow through, that shows intent to injure.
Brown & Hudler 4

Brown & Hudler 5

Many are comparing this hit to Donald Brashear's hit on Blair Betts in the first round. They're similar, Brashear's was a tad later, but not quite the same. Brasher received a six-game suspension his actions, and yet Brown won't receive any more punishment for his.

Also, many people say a player should keep his head up. I understand that. Yet the player doing the hitting should be responsible too. Brown could've delivered a hip check .

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Posted on: October 28, 2008 8:04 pm
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Grind Line coverage

Well there wasn't much coverage of the Grind Line's reunion last night. Not nearly as much as I expected.
The Detroit News and mlive.com featured stories about the line's return. They didn't play much, Darren McCarty didn't hit the seven minute mark, so that might be part of it.
A reader at
sportsline.com said Detroit will need the Grind Line more against the Ducks. That's probably true. The Ducks have been one of the most penalized teams the last few years, and I'm willing to bet there might be some fisticuffs.
So maybe we'll so more coverage after tomorrow night's game.
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Surprise, Vindication

Well the surprise is Anaheim Ducks GM disagreed with Adam Proteau's term limit idea for the NHL's czar disciplinarian.
Yes I'm using surprise facetiously. Burke is shady, especially when it comes to his relationship with the League office. The shadiness seems to work both ways too.

Patrick Kane, Nicklas Lidstrom and some sports writers vindicated my theory about yesterday's game.
Chelios' penalty gave Hawks lead, momentum, but he claims Kane dove

Now all I need is somebody to agree with me about Sidney Crosby's uncalled cross-checks against Martin Straka.
Maybe the cross-check threshold is four before the referees call a penalty.
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