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Fine McLeod now!

After the Red Wings - Avalanche game today Cody McLeod should receive the same fine that the NHL would level against Al Sobotka, the Joe Louis Arena building manger, if he retrieved and twirled an octopus. While McLeod didn't twirl the octopus, he did retrieve it and shook it at a Red Wings player. He didn't get the fine, but he should, and he should definitely have received a penalty for his antics. It was very unsportsmanlike.
The AP has the story, check the notes at the end of the story.

After an octopus was thrown on the ice before the game, Colorado's Cody McLeod picked it up, shook it in the direction of Detroit's Dallas Drake and threw it off the ice toward the Avs' dressing room. Why? "Just to let them know they were going to be in a battle," McLeod said. The NHL has threatened to fine the Red Wings if Zamboni driver Al Sobotka picks up octopi on the ice and twirls them, following a tradition in Detroit.
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ESPN Badness, FSN Goodness

Bad as in not good, not bad as in good.
So I've been pretty quiet about the boycott. All is going well on that front, as I'm now into my second week.
There is one other thing, or should I say person, who I miss. That's Coach Knight. I'd love to hear his analysis on there. I've read he does a great job. Still, it's not enough to change my resolve.
Anyway the other night I was listening to a Red Wings game online as I watched the Pacers game on FSN Indiana. That was a good night. The Wings won after trailing, Henrik Zetterberg scored three unanswered goals and the Pacers won. A rare feat for them these days.
Watching FSN that night reminded me, FSN Final Score is much better than SportsCenter. With FSN's highlight show, the talking heads aren't the story. Also the show makes it a point to show all highlights, not just the ones hockey-haters choose.
More badness from ESPN, and it pains me to write that it's about its website, the one thing I like about ESPN.
Check out this link.
Observant people, and I must thank a LetsGoWings.com member for bringing it to my attention, will notice the photo caption is wrong.
It reads, "New Jersey Devils defenseman Sheldon Brookbank, left, congratulates Colorado Avalanche goalie Martin Brodeur ..."
Wow! When did Brodeur start playing for the Avs? I missed that trade.
Could be an honest mistake. Everybody makes them. I do. You do. Nobody is perfect. Most publications have a mistake in them somewhere, especially ones that deal with news and ones on deadlines.
Then again, as I posted on the Lets Go Wings, it's probably the photographer's error. Still I would think somebody at the "world-wide leader" would catch it. The page was posted nearly a week ago, and it's still that way.
On the other hand maybe it's not the photographer's mistake. The photographer who took it an AP photographer, and the AP is very reputable.
I could live with it being ESPN's mistake, I like that. It's easy to understand too since it's ESPN and hockey.
This isn't the first ESPN, hockey mistake that was brought to my attention or that I've noticed on my own. It is ESPN after all, and most people who work there don't seem to give a hoot and holler about hockey. It's been proven again.

To see the full blog with photos, check this link, http://auxlepli.blogspot.com/2008/0
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Losing, Boycott and Selection Sunday

The Red Wings look like they're on another streak. This time a losing one. The Wings are having a hard time with Central Division teams this year. I don't know what's wrong with them. Sure they're still having injury problems, but so are the Avalanche, and they're doing very well.
Listening or watching hockey keeps me away from ESPN. So continuing the boycott was pretty easy. I also watched some college basketball on CBS. Speaking of which, the Hoosiers are on a losing streak too. It was a tough weekend. The Hoosiers also have a tough draw in the tournament, but I can understand it, given the losing streak and inconsistent play since Kelvin Sampson left.
Hopefully both my teams will turn around their recent fortunes.
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On the Ice

If you're ever in Indianapolis during hockey season, check out an Ice game at Indiana State Fairgrounds. My first experience there was awesome.

The Arena

The Ice play most of their games in a nearly 60-year-old barn called the Pepsi Coliseum. The Ice's other home arena is Conseco Fieldhouse. As with most minor league, really junior league, prices are reasonable. I paid $15.00 for about a tenth row seat behind the benches.
The arena seats 8,200 for hockey, so there really not a bad seat in the house. Most of the seats behind the safety netting are covered so patrons aren't allowed to sit there. I wonder if that includes the 8,200 or not. I'd probably think so. I guess if a game is nearing a sell-out those seats would then be opened.
Anyway the coliseum is quite charming in my opinion. The players cross the concourse to enter the arena. So if you're walking around when the players are scheduled to appear on the ice or coming off it, you'll be stopped by an arena employee. Waiting for ice resurfacer to cross too might also impede your movement.

Hey Junior

So yeah, I was mistaken yesterday when I said the Ice are a minor league. They are an amateur junior league, USHL, team owned by Colorado Avalanche player John-Michael Liles. He was born in Zionsville, Ind., a suburb or Indianapolis.


A major plus - Molson Canadian on tap! That's amazing to me. I didn't expect that at all. It's hardly a hockey game if you can't enjoy a Molson. The freshly popped popcorn is good too, bypass that boxed stuff. It looked pre-popped.
The Chill Girls are a nice bit of eye candy for heterosexual guys and homosexual women. When on the ice, they don't wear skates, figure or hockey, as far as I could tell. Sorry I don't usually sit around during intermission, but from the photos on the Ice's MySpace page it doesn't look like it.
Also the jerseys the players were wearing last night were really cool. The logo doesn't do much for me, and the photo doesn't really do it justice, but they look pretty cool in person. By the way that's a dark blue to light blue gradient. The Thrashers should have done something like this for their then third jerseys, now their home duds.

The Game

So last night's game pitted the Ice against the Ohio Junior Blue Jackets. The Ice started out positively, scoring two goals - one in the first and one in the second. From there though it was all Blue Jackets who scored six unanswered goals - two in the second and four in the third. Dan Hobbs tallied a hat trick for the Jackets. The Ice are now 35-10-6 as their regular season is coming to a close with just nine games remaining.

What's next?

Hopefully I can attend the Ice's last regular-season game, against Ohio, but this time at Conseco. I saw an IU - IUPUI basketball game there last year, and that was cool. Can't wait to see what an ice hockey game there is like.

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