Posted on: September 21, 2008 10:59 pm

Blues, Sabres debut new jerseys

The St. Louis Blues and Buffalo Sabres introduced new third jerseys over the weekend.

Blues new one and Sabres new one

The Blues' jersey looks really sharp. I like it a lot.
The Sabres' jersey, I'm not feeling it. The piping and the front number ruin it for me.
The old Sabres logo is just ok, too nothing great, but it's definitely better the the Buffaslug. Frankly I miss the buffalo head logo the organization had in the late 90s, early 00s. I also liked the third jersey, cross sabres logo at about the same time.

I posted earlier today on a message board that I wasn't digging the new tie-up jerseys. I thought the NHL "V" made them supeflous. I see now the way Paul Kariya has his that they are not. I stand corrected.
Still I like with the tie-up jerseys designers are trying for an old school look. Yet with the new, sleek jerseys they don't look right to me.
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Posted on: February 8, 2008 11:32 pm

Hockey in SoIn

Last night, I wanted to watch the Red Wings - Kings game. Since it wasn't on Versus, I called around to sports bars, and none of them had Center Ice. From the sound of things I doubt the people knew. They just guesstimated to get off the phone.
Then I have my sister call around, and since I wasn't getting anywhere with Center Ice, I tell her to ask if they have the Fox Sports regional networks.
One was willing to order Fox Sports Detroit for us. Success! Or at least I think.
Drove there and I explain to the waitress my situation that the manager ordered the game, etc.
"So if you could have one of the TV turned to the game I'd appreciate it."
Waitress comes back and says it's already on one TV in back. Cool.
So we move and there's Larry Murphy with some pre-game chatter. Couldn't hear it though, but that's OK. I'm at a bar and ready to watch the game. Order Guinness and food, 7:30 rolls around, and bam! The picture is gone! Black screen with some instructions on how to order the station.
Needless to say I'm disappointed, but the assistant manager looks for it on other stations and ... nothing.
We finish our beer and food and leave.

All I got to say is it's tough being an NHL fan in Indiana. I'm working on moving farther north.

A few months ago I was out and about and looking for the Red Wings - Blues game on Versus. This is what happened.

Visited a local sports bar tonight and I asked, "Do you have Versus?"
The bartender was like "What!?"
"You know Versus, formerly known as OLN - Outdoor Life Network. I want to watch the hockey game tonight."
"I don't know. I'll ask the manager."
At this point I was flabbergasted. Granted I'm in southern Indiana, but I still expected a sports bar to know about Versus. I ordered a Guinness, surprised the bar had that.
After about five minutes two bartenders and a manager still couldn't find it. The DirectTV menu they had said Versus was on 608. They turned it to 608 and nothing! That was a major disappointment on my part. So even with my Guinness just three quarters finished I settle up and leave.
I drive to another recommended sports bar. It was so shady looking, I just kept on driving. While driving though I was able to find the St. Louis broadcast on KMOX; that was a plus.
So I head to a pizza place.  At the bar everybody's watching a basketball game, like at the first bar.
Anyway I ask if the bartender could turn one of the TVs to Versus.
"What's Versus?!"
I was slack jawed!
Again I explain what Versus is, it's former name, and probable number, 608.
The bartender plugs in 608 again, and again, nothing! She searches and finds Versus on 603! Must've been a typo.

So while I loathe ESPN, and its coverage and treatment of the NHL, I'm ready to concede, at least some NHL games should be on the four-letter network. It would be far easier for die-hard fans and casual fans to find it. Still I want games on Versus too, since it only shows games two nights per week.
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