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Posted on: March 11, 2008 8:14 pm

Boycott Expanded

So I've been listening and watching ESPN radio and TV. It's so disappointing; it's so not what I'm about.
I'm expanding my Mike and Mike boycott to all affiliate ESPN radio stations and  all ESPN channels. If they choose not to spotlight hockey, I choose to not to watch or listen to ESPN, in all broadcast varieties.
Colin Coherd has admitted he doesn't like hockey and won't talk about it. So has Mike Greenberg. I read that last bit in an article; I certainly didn't hear from him.
I watched a bit of SportsCenter Sunday morning and no hockey coverage, for at least 20 or 30 minutes - no hockey highlights, no hockey scores. After that I gave up.
It's a shame too, I've liked Outside the Lines, Sports Reporters, and Bob Ley is top notch. He is the exception to most ESPN talking heads.
So bye bye ESPN, hello Fox Sports and Versus.
As a side note - I will continue to check the ESPN website, where I can choose what I want to read and hear, and where I'm not force-fed what hockey haters want me to see or hear.
While I really like myespn.com, I don't check it with the same regularity as I do with this site and The Sporting News. The conversation is usually better at the latter sites, even if it's not as customizable as I would like.
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