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Posted on: October 21, 2008 8:17 pm
Edited on: October 21, 2008 9:10 pm

Crushing on Lindsay

Growing up, as a hockey fan and particularly a Red Wings fan, I've read a lot about Ted Lindsay. Well with the Wings organization unveiling a statue dedicated to Terrible Ted, it's fair to say I have a renewed appreciation for him after reading so many articles about him. It's true, I now have a man-crush on Ted Lindsay. Below is a video of the statue unveiling Saturday.

In the blog entry below, the New York Daily News' Michael Obernauer also notes Lindsay's first and lets him tell us in his own words.

In 1950, Lindsay was the first to skate around the rink with the Stanley Cup after winning it, which is a rite of victory today. Here's what he had to say about that:

"I was very conscious of who paid my salary. It wasn't the National Hockey League, it wasn't Mr. Norris (the owner), it wasn't Mr. Adams (the general manager), it was the people who were sitting in the stands. At that time, they only had chicken wire, and that was at the end of the rink. On the side of the rink, from where the dots are in the circles, there was nothing on the boards, all the way to the other end. The fans used to sit with their elbows on the boards, and when the play would come by, they'd move back, and when the play would come by, they'd move back, and when the play went into the corner they'd put their elbows back and put their head out to see what was going on in the corner.

"I recognized, I saw that Cup standing there - we didn't have parades and all that in those days - and I saw the Cup, I saw these fans standing just inside the boards, I just said, I'll pick the Cup up, take it over, just so they could see it, get a close look at it. Probably Adams thought, 'What's that idiot Lindsay, is he going to throw it on the ice or something?' But I wanted to show appreciation for the people who paid our salary - never realizing I was starting a tradition. I'm happy it's turned out that way, because it's the greatest Cup in the world, and the greatest game in the world."

Wow! That is so cool, and I can't believe I'd forgotten that. What an awesome gesture. What a start to a great tradition, and he did it for the fans! Also how cool would it be to not only not have to sit behind safety netting, but also not have to sit behind glass? I'd love it.
By the way, kudos to mlive.com's George James Malick who referenced Obernauer's blog so I could find it.

Malick, who does a fantastic job in gathering Red Wings information, noted other Lindsay kudos in a blog entry titled Tips and jabs pepper Lindsay's take on life in bronze. Definitely worth reading in my opinion.

Oh and one more thing. Awhile back one of my Michigan friends, who now lives in Colorado - don't ask - met Lindsay recently. I was jealous of her before, now I'm even more jealous.

The Ted Lindsay statue at The Joe Louis Arena.

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Posted on: June 24, 2008 11:12 pm

Celebration, parade, flood

Congratulations to the 2007 -2008 Detroit Red Wings, this year's Stanley Cup champions. They went wire-to-wire as the best team in hockey. Truly impressive.

My brother and I drove to Detroit and took part in the revelry. We had a blast! As a city Detroit receives a lot  of criticism; it's not fair in my opinion. The people are hospitable, and every time I've visited I've had a lot of fun.

So, the southern Indiana floods are the reason why this blog entry is at least a week late. I was involved with that for eight days the week before last. The damage was wide-ranging, but it seems Iowa and Wisconsin received the brunt of it. I really feel for the people in those states and Hoosiers who were affected.

So anyway, now, I can finally relax. My anxiousness rises when my team gets closer to their goal. And while I wasn't superstitious about posting during the Wings' Cup run, as evidenced early in the playoffs, by the time of final I couldn't  handle absorbing all the information, processing it and writing about it in a coherent matter without crazy with nervousness. I needed time to detach myself from the process.
As an example: Game Four I went to my brother's house to watch the game. As soon as it came on he was all about Pittsburgh and Crosby. He wanted to see a close series. As a fan I understand that, but the Wings are MY team. I felt he was goading me, which I'm sure he probably was a bit. I had no stomach for it at all. Penguins score the first goal, my brother is whooping and hollering.
"You don't even care about hockey," I said. I expected him to support me and MY team. "If you're acting like that I'm leaving." And I did.  Couldn't handle it.
See, with hockey, the best team doesn't always win. A flukey puck bounce, a ticky-tack penalty penalty call, a non-call or an injury can all lead to a momentum swing or even a whole game.
Anyway I'm not really happy unless my team is winning, by a lot. Especially in the final series. I can't be calm. That's at least one reason why I drink beer when watching a hockey game. It dulls the senses. Even then it's not a guarantee.
Seeing the Wings skating around with Cup, I thought of Bobby Knight's quote after his Indiana Hoosiers won it all 1976.  "That should've been two."
It sounds presumptuous, but Hockeytown's brain trust thought they should've won last year too.

Anyway it's all Stanley Cup goodness now.
Congratulations to the Detroit Red Wings.
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