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Against Detroit, For Detroit

Attended the Pacers - Pistons game at Canseco Fieldhouse tonight.
Great game, but I'm thinking if the Pistons had not played last night they might have won. On the other hand the Pacers just got back from a 1 and 4 West Coast swing, they had yesterday off, but were probably still tired.
Anyway the Pacers won in overtime, 110 - 106. Yay! That's how I was against Detroit. I'm not going to go against my hometown Indiana Pacers.
It was the first game that I've attended this season that the Pacers won. The other two they lost in overtime. That's how it's been for the Pacers this season. They're really close, but they just can't put away the other teams down the stretch run.
In any case there were a number of Pistons fans tonight, but not as many as I thought there'd be.
Last month I attended the Colts - Lions game. From what I saw Lions fans were very few and very far between.
Neither the Pistons fans nor the Lions fans seem to travel as well as Red Wings fans. Does any other Detroit team? I doubt it.
So the Detroit Red Wings are playing the Ducks in Anaheim tonight, and from what I can hear there seems to be a ton of Wings fans there.
The Red Wings is how I'm for Detroit. So far it seems the Ducks are giving the Wings all they can handle, Ducks lead 3 - 2.
At least WXYT decided to broadcast the game on iTunes tonight.
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Sports-filled Saturday

My thoughts on yesterdays games with my teams Detroit Red Wings, Indiana Hoosiers, Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts are below.
Two of my teams won, and two lost. I guess going .500 wasn't too bad.
The Red Wings and Colts games overlapped and I kept what CBS Sports calls a GLOG, a game log, for myself. Bypass that if you want, it won't bother me.

NHL fans, have any of you tried the NHL Gamecenter, where fans can watch games online? The NHL showed all games for there free yesterday.  Did anybody try it? Or maybe you bought the package? What's you thoughts of it if you have?
I tried it at all three different sizes, and all were choppy. Maybe by computer needs more RAM, which only has 768MB.
Anyway I'd be curious if anybody has. Please share your thoughts.

Hoosiers lost to Iowa but put up a valiant effort. It was a pretty good outing, Big Ten opening for head coach Tom Crean considering where he's at with players and the program.

Following the Pacers game online, it looked as if they were trailing most of the game. They came back and beat the Sacramento Kings, 122-117. I was planning to go, but the Red Wings played last night too. I try not to miss any Wings games.

Anyway after the first, Wings 1, Minnesota Wild 0. Meanwhile watching the Colts game, and there's about a minute to play in the first quarter. Colts up 7-0 over the Chargers.
Interesting - NHL game can play 20 minutes in the same time the NFL can get 15 in.
Second starting and there's about 10 minutes left in the second quarter of the Colts game, which is now tied 7-7.
10-7 Colts. Nearly 7 minutes left in the quarter and about 14 minutes left in the second period of the Wings - Wild game.
Second period over, Wings still leading 1-0. About 30 seconds left in the Colts game, which the Chargers are now leading 14-10. Colts get a break with the non-fumble call.
About two 20-minute periods in the NHL = about two 15-minute quarters in the NFL.
Halftime in the Colts game. Chargers still leading. In the hockey game Wild took charge in the second and lead in SOG, 24-19. Wing are giving up a lot more shots this year. They will be down two men win the third starts. No penalties have called against the Wild.
Third starting. Wings game tied 1-1. Not surprising when there's a 5-3, but I think technically it was a 5 on 4 powerplay. Wild up, 2-1. Dangit. Chargers kick off to start the third quarter.
The momentum seems to have shifted, and it's against both my teams. Looking back on it was in the second period and second quarter that it seems to have shifted.
And another PP for Minnesota.
Holy cow! What's this?! A PP for the Wings! Incredible!
Maybe it's shifted back for both now. Colts up 17-14, with about 8 minutes left in the third quarter,  and about 7 minutes left in the hockey game.
PP over for the Wings. Oh wait, now back on. 
Paul Woods is saying the goal by Johan Franzen should count. Will it?
Meanwhile Chargers are shredding the Colts defense. Colts need a fumble recovery or interception.
Yes! A good goal. "Good call, Mr. Woods," said Ken Kal. He and Woods rock. They are the consumate hockey announcers. I like them as much as Gary Thorne and Bill Clement. Probably more because they represent the Wings.
So 2-2 at the hockey game.
Holy cow! I typed it then it happened, the fumble I mean. Sorry I have the volume low on the Colts game.
Too bad the Colts offense is sputtering.
Heading to OT in the hockey game.
So ... an NHL game lasts roughly the same amount of time as an NFL game takes to play three quarters.
Interception! The big plays are saving the Colts. The Chargers seem to be able to move at will.
Still tied in OT
Going ot a SO in the hockey game.
Osgood saves first shot.
Datsyuk scores!
Burns flubs it.
Harding poke checks puck away from Zetterberg
Osgood makes save.
3-2, Wings win! 1-0 in the SO, Wings even had more SOG, 37-35.

Now for the Colts to seal the deal. Colts really need another touchdown. OMG 3 and 21!  Chargers hold. Not good. Two big plays have saved the Colts already asking for a third is too much.
Almost an interception for the Colts, still they can't stop the Chargers.
Colts defense is porous.
A tie game here now too.
Wow, that coin flip is bad for the Colts. I don't see the defense stopping the Chargers.
Yeah this is not looking good at all!
Wow, the refs are just giving this game to the Chargers.
Season over for the Colts. Damn that's depressing.
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On the Ice

If you're ever in Indianapolis during hockey season, check out an Ice game at Indiana State Fairgrounds. My first experience there was awesome.

The Arena

The Ice play most of their games in a nearly 60-year-old barn called the Pepsi Coliseum. The Ice's other home arena is Conseco Fieldhouse. As with most minor league, really junior league, prices are reasonable. I paid $15.00 for about a tenth row seat behind the benches.
The arena seats 8,200 for hockey, so there really not a bad seat in the house. Most of the seats behind the safety netting are covered so patrons aren't allowed to sit there. I wonder if that includes the 8,200 or not. I'd probably think so. I guess if a game is nearing a sell-out those seats would then be opened.
Anyway the coliseum is quite charming in my opinion. The players cross the concourse to enter the arena. So if you're walking around when the players are scheduled to appear on the ice or coming off it, you'll be stopped by an arena employee. Waiting for ice resurfacer to cross too might also impede your movement.

Hey Junior

So yeah, I was mistaken yesterday when I said the Ice are a minor league. They are an amateur junior league, USHL, team owned by Colorado Avalanche player John-Michael Liles. He was born in Zionsville, Ind., a suburb or Indianapolis.


A major plus - Molson Canadian on tap! That's amazing to me. I didn't expect that at all. It's hardly a hockey game if you can't enjoy a Molson. The freshly popped popcorn is good too, bypass that boxed stuff. It looked pre-popped.
The Chill Girls are a nice bit of eye candy for heterosexual guys and homosexual women. When on the ice, they don't wear skates, figure or hockey, as far as I could tell. Sorry I don't usually sit around during intermission, but from the photos on the Ice's MySpace page it doesn't look like it.
Also the jerseys the players were wearing last night were really cool. The logo doesn't do much for me, and the photo doesn't really do it justice, but they look pretty cool in person. By the way that's a dark blue to light blue gradient. The Thrashers should have done something like this for their then third jerseys, now their home duds.

The Game

So last night's game pitted the Ice against the Ohio Junior Blue Jackets. The Ice started out positively, scoring two goals - one in the first and one in the second. From there though it was all Blue Jackets who scored six unanswered goals - two in the second and four in the third. Dan Hobbs tallied a hat trick for the Jackets. The Ice are now 35-10-6 as their regular season is coming to a close with just nine games remaining.

What's next?

Hopefully I can attend the Ice's last regular-season game, against Ohio, but this time at Conseco. I saw an IU - IUPUI basketball game there last year, and that was cool. Can't wait to see what an ice hockey game there is like.

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