Posted on: November 22, 2008 9:53 pm

Two Nights

Two different nights - tonight and last night, two different Internet connections, two different browsers and I still can't listen to NHL games on NHL.com's GameCenter.
GameCenter is a joke. I can't imagine the problems I'd be having if I paid to try to see games.
I hate GameCenter! This now makes the fourth, maybe fifth time, I've tried to get it to work, and it just doesn't. It's awful, buggy, and slow!

Below are two messages I sent to NHL.com earlier this month.

This one I sent Nov. 2, 2008. I was trying to listen to a Red Wings game
What happened to NHL radio online? I can't hear the games anymore. I tried going to the GAMECENTER link, which by the way takes way too long to load, and clicking on Radio. It doesn't work.
Last year I switched to listening to games directly on WXYT using iTunes, but right now an NFL game is being broadcast. That's the FM side. I believe WXYT-AM would be the Red Wings game, but I can't hear it on NHL.com.
So much for Detroit being Hockeytown, and so much for the NHL caring about its fans.
Fix this NOW!

I sent this one a few minutes later that night.
GameCenter is a joke! Please make a link to the audio feeds without going through a Flash-based site! I'm on broadband; I've used three different browsers, and it's not working! I am acrimonious!!!
The new site looks nice, but overall it's very cumbersome and clunky! It's just horrible! NHL Connect is a joke too! It's horrible to navigate through when it was so easy to use. It's taking all the restraint I have not drop f-bombs and use other course language.

The generic response I received.
Dear User,
Due to the volume of comments and suggestions we've been receiving with our new Web site launch, we regret that we cannot guarantee individual responses for most items (but we will read them!). We certainly appreciate the time you've taken to send us your feedback.
Please also be sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, where we post answers to some of the most common issues.
For GameCenter and GameCenter Live issues, please visit the GCL FAQ, report a problem to technical support, or contact one of our customer service representatives via phone during our evening support hours.
Thank you,
The NHL.com Web Team

Other Problems
This is an e-mail from NHL.com earlier this season, when I was posting blogger, aka blogspot, links on my NHL Fan Connect blog. They were deleted, and then the NHL tried to bribe me. About two weeks later I'd finally calmed down enough to respond.

From Brad at NHL.com
fans-connect@nhl.com to me
Unfortunately, we don't allow users to promote outside blogs on our site.
However, we truly enjoy having you on our site, and we'd like you to remain.
We'd like to send you a small gift, in return for your return - and if you'd like to critique our publishing tool, we'd be happy to send it along to our tech team. Things are constantly being updated and changed, and I think your input would be great in allowing us to better serve you and the rest of the community.
Regardless of your decision to stick or leave, please let me know your size and address, and I'll throw something in the mail. If not for your return, consider it a thank you for your use of our site up to this point.
What do you say?

My Response:
Me to fans-connect@nhl.com
As much as I would like to think you enjoy having me on your site, I don't believe it.
NHL Connect is much harder to navigate now. Below are just some of my problems with the re-designed site.
When logging into Fan Connect using Safari I tried tabbing over to the Password box. I couldn't. I had to use my mouse. Typically "tab" will work; it does usingFirefox.
My username shows up in many places as all caps. It's meant to be all lowercase.
My blog titles are also all caps. I don't want to be screaming at other people. On some occasion I might use all caps to emphasize a word in a title. With NHL defaulting my titles to all caps, I can't.
The page on which one posts a new blog entry is far too cumbersome. The box is way, way too small to be effective. Sometimes html coding works correctly, sometimes it doesn't. It seems haphazard.
In the old style of NHL Connect I could access everything - photos, friends, blog - from almost any page. With the re-design I can't. I'm forced to always go back to my profile first, then to friends, messages, blog, etc. In a word, cumbersome.
Tonight, I'm finding NHL.com is just as cumbersome.
I can't access things easily like I have been for years, since 1999. The GameCenter feature takes up way too much bandwidth, and I can't find what I'm looking for, which I guess would be called a Roster Summary.
The sites look better than the old sites. Yet there's too much black in my opinion. More frustrating is how hard it is to find what I'm looking for in an easy manner, and both are exceedingly hard to navigate.
Thanks for your time.

All I want is for NHL.com to work well - its radio feeds and its Fan Connect site.
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