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Sports-filled Saturday

My thoughts on yesterdays games with my teams Detroit Red Wings, Indiana Hoosiers, Indiana Pacers and Indianapolis Colts are below.
Two of my teams won, and two lost. I guess going .500 wasn't too bad.
The Red Wings and Colts games overlapped and I kept what CBS Sports calls a GLOG, a game log, for myself. Bypass that if you want, it won't bother me.

NHL fans, have any of you tried the NHL Gamecenter, where fans can watch games online? The NHL showed all games for there free yesterday.  Did anybody try it? Or maybe you bought the package? What's you thoughts of it if you have?
I tried it at all three different sizes, and all were choppy. Maybe by computer needs more RAM, which only has 768MB.
Anyway I'd be curious if anybody has. Please share your thoughts.

Hoosiers lost to Iowa but put up a valiant effort. It was a pretty good outing, Big Ten opening for head coach Tom Crean considering where he's at with players and the program.

Following the Pacers game online, it looked as if they were trailing most of the game. They came back and beat the Sacramento Kings, 122-117. I was planning to go, but the Red Wings played last night too. I try not to miss any Wings games.

Anyway after the first, Wings 1, Minnesota Wild 0. Meanwhile watching the Colts game, and there's about a minute to play in the first quarter. Colts up 7-0 over the Chargers.
Interesting - NHL game can play 20 minutes in the same time the NFL can get 15 in.
Second starting and there's about 10 minutes left in the second quarter of the Colts game, which is now tied 7-7.
10-7 Colts. Nearly 7 minutes left in the quarter and about 14 minutes left in the second period of the Wings - Wild game.
Second period over, Wings still leading 1-0. About 30 seconds left in the Colts game, which the Chargers are now leading 14-10. Colts get a break with the non-fumble call.
About two 20-minute periods in the NHL = about two 15-minute quarters in the NFL.
Halftime in the Colts game. Chargers still leading. In the hockey game Wild took charge in the second and lead in SOG, 24-19. Wing are giving up a lot more shots this year. They will be down two men win the third starts. No penalties have called against the Wild.
Third starting. Wings game tied 1-1. Not surprising when there's a 5-3, but I think technically it was a 5 on 4 powerplay. Wild up, 2-1. Dangit. Chargers kick off to start the third quarter.
The momentum seems to have shifted, and it's against both my teams. Looking back on it was in the second period and second quarter that it seems to have shifted.
And another PP for Minnesota.
Holy cow! What's this?! A PP for the Wings! Incredible!
Maybe it's shifted back for both now. Colts up 17-14, with about 8 minutes left in the third quarter,  and about 7 minutes left in the hockey game.
PP over for the Wings. Oh wait, now back on. 
Paul Woods is saying the goal by Johan Franzen should count. Will it?
Meanwhile Chargers are shredding the Colts defense. Colts need a fumble recovery or interception.
Yes! A good goal. "Good call, Mr. Woods," said Ken Kal. He and Woods rock. They are the consumate hockey announcers. I like them as much as Gary Thorne and Bill Clement. Probably more because they represent the Wings.
So 2-2 at the hockey game.
Holy cow! I typed it then it happened, the fumble I mean. Sorry I have the volume low on the Colts game.
Too bad the Colts offense is sputtering.
Heading to OT in the hockey game.
So ... an NHL game lasts roughly the same amount of time as an NFL game takes to play three quarters.
Interception! The big plays are saving the Colts. The Chargers seem to be able to move at will.
Still tied in OT
Going ot a SO in the hockey game.
Osgood saves first shot.
Datsyuk scores!
Burns flubs it.
Harding poke checks puck away from Zetterberg
Osgood makes save.
3-2, Wings win! 1-0 in the SO, Wings even had more SOG, 37-35.

Now for the Colts to seal the deal. Colts really need another touchdown. OMG 3 and 21!  Chargers hold. Not good. Two big plays have saved the Colts already asking for a third is too much.
Almost an interception for the Colts, still they can't stop the Chargers.
Colts defense is porous.
A tie game here now too.
Wow, that coin flip is bad for the Colts. I don't see the defense stopping the Chargers.
Yeah this is not looking good at all!
Wow, the refs are just giving this game to the Chargers.
Season over for the Colts. Damn that's depressing.
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2008, a great sports year

For sports, 2008 was a great year for me. Many journalists are saying good riddance, but I'll miss it.

Watch the first Winter Classic. While I read many detractors who said it shouldn't have been held on New Year's Day, it was perfect in my opinion and drew record ratings.
Attend a Red Wings game at JLA, Wings beat the Vancouver Canucks, 3-2 in a shootout. Hang out with Detroit friends watch the Wings beat San Jose, 6-3.
Travel to California, take my dad and brother-in-law to a Wings - Kings game. At my dad's first NHL game, Wings win, 3-0.

Attended first Indiana Ice game at the Pepsi Coliseum.

Attended my first Indiana Pacers game at Canesco Fieldhouse, which continues to garner rave reviews. Pacers beat the Milwaukee Bucks, 105 -97.
The Detroit Red Wings finish the regular season with the best record in the NHL winning the President's Trophy, no other organization has won as many as the Wings, six.
Attended opening day of the Indianapolis Indians 2008 season.

Attend Fast Friday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ... on pit lane.
Attend and work Community Day at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and tour the Pagoda.
Watch the Detroit Red Wings sweep the Colorado Avalanche in the Western Conference Semifinals.
Work and attend the Indianapolis 500 with my brother, cousin, and high school friend. Meet IU head basketball coach Tom Crean. Vitor Meira's pass was spectacular; I get cold chills watching replays.

Watch the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup, the organization's 11th.
Travel to Detroit with my brother and attend the Stanley Cup parade and rally.

Travel to Nashville attend IndyCar race, the Firestone Indy 200. Scott Dixon wins.

Travel to Detroit for the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.
While there attend first Tigers game at Comerica Park with one of my Detroit friends. Tigers lose, 13-3 to to the Kansas City Royals. At least the tickets were free.
See the Stanley Cup with some more of my Detroit friends.
Attend grand prix, Justin Wilson wins and dedicates his win to his team owner, Paul Newman.

Attend the Detroit Red Wings opening night game and banner raising ceremony. Wings lose to the Toronto Maple Leafs, 3-2.

Travel with my brother to south Florida and watch the Panthers take on the Red Wings. Wings win, 3-2.

Brother and I travel to New Castle, Ind. and attend the Spartans - South Muncie Rebel game. Spartans beat the Rebels in overtime at the largest high school gymnasium in world.
We visit the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame the next day.
Then on Sunday we attend the Indianapolis Colts - Detroit Lions game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Our first game there and the Colts win, 31-21. Attend two Indiana Pacers games at Canseco and am lucky enough to buy court-side seats at both. Unfortunately the Pacers lose both, first to the Los Angeles Clippers, 117-109 in double overtime and then to the New Orleans Hornets, 105-103.

Yep, 2008 was great. Hopefully 2009 will be just as fine.
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ESPN Badness, FSN Goodness

Bad as in not good, not bad as in good.
So I've been pretty quiet about the boycott. All is going well on that front, as I'm now into my second week.
There is one other thing, or should I say person, who I miss. That's Coach Knight. I'd love to hear his analysis on there. I've read he does a great job. Still, it's not enough to change my resolve.
Anyway the other night I was listening to a Red Wings game online as I watched the Pacers game on FSN Indiana. That was a good night. The Wings won after trailing, Henrik Zetterberg scored three unanswered goals and the Pacers won. A rare feat for them these days.
Watching FSN that night reminded me, FSN Final Score is much better than SportsCenter. With FSN's highlight show, the talking heads aren't the story. Also the show makes it a point to show all highlights, not just the ones hockey-haters choose.
More badness from ESPN, and it pains me to write that it's about its website, the one thing I like about ESPN.
Check out this link.
Observant people, and I must thank a LetsGoWings.com member for bringing it to my attention, will notice the photo caption is wrong.
It reads, "New Jersey Devils defenseman Sheldon Brookbank, left, congratulates Colorado Avalanche goalie Martin Brodeur ..."
Wow! When did Brodeur start playing for the Avs? I missed that trade.
Could be an honest mistake. Everybody makes them. I do. You do. Nobody is perfect. Most publications have a mistake in them somewhere, especially ones that deal with news and ones on deadlines.
Then again, as I posted on the Lets Go Wings, it's probably the photographer's error. Still I would think somebody at the "world-wide leader" would catch it. The page was posted nearly a week ago, and it's still that way.
On the other hand maybe it's not the photographer's mistake. The photographer who took it an AP photographer, and the AP is very reputable.
I could live with it being ESPN's mistake, I like that. It's easy to understand too since it's ESPN and hockey.
This isn't the first ESPN, hockey mistake that was brought to my attention or that I've noticed on my own. It is ESPN after all, and most people who work there don't seem to give a hoot and holler about hockey. It's been proven again.

To see the full blog with photos, check this link, http://auxlepli.blogspot.com/2008/0
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